Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Little Something New
If you peek over to the right you'll see a new link on my sidebar: "visit my store on cafepress!" Fairly self-explanatory innit? A couple of folks wondered if they could get the "OK McCain Then" bumper sticker. So I set it up on a store. It was easier to put it on a whole bunch of items so you may have to scroll through more crap than you'd ever buy. But you can get one if you so desire.
I hasten to add that the pricing in "my" store has absolutely no markup. The prices listed are CafePress's prices. I'd love you to buy something but I'm not making any money off you. Maybe when I come up with some original Pugs of War art, I'll make some products available and charge you a buck. Until then, I give. I give because I love. I love snark.

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