Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Quick One
Some days ... grrr ... some days.
Background: I have three battery powered atomic clocks in my abode: office, bedroom and kitchen. I run them on rechargeable batteries. Which calls for an occasional round of recharging. And by round I mean round: one clock's worth at a time.
Today the round reached the clock in the kitchen. I have to stretch a bit to get the clock off the kitchen wall and, naturally, as I'm taking it down, it slips and decides to bite the corner of the table on its way to the floor. (insert various naughty words involving excretory and reproductive actions) Yep - one dead LCD clock. It's replacement time.
I bought these at Costco so my first resort was to said BigBox website. There were atomic clocks but not the one I wanted. Before the profanity bandwagon started up again, I looked at one of the other offerings. OK. Actually better looking and it connects to a wireless weather sensor. I like that. But, one of the lessons of the intarwebz is that you don't buy at the first site you find something. (With the exception of things at Archie McPhee since the weirdness manifest on McPhee's place is rarely found anywhere else.) My first resort to check on products is goodol' Amazon.
And once again, Amazon comes through for me. I find this LaCrosse model which differs from the two versions offered at Costco by having a brushed aluminum case rather than cherry or oak. I like the look and it's about a sawbuck less. I can live with that. That and the free shipping option. Did I mention I love Amazon? Free shipping is a big part of that.
So I start the day by killing a clock and end up not spending as much as I feared and actually getting a device with a bit more functionality. It tones down the grrr-factor I must say.

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