Thursday, September 25, 2008

I want to try a display trick. The MOA.

OK. A little over dramatic but it does work.

And one other thing I've been meaning to mention, though it doesn't fit the "site" tag. I browse with Firefox, as I'm sure I've said a number of times. One feature that I use constantly is the built-in search function. At the upper right hand corner of the browser window is a search bar. In the search bar you can select from a number of different search locations. There's Google for everything, IMDB if you're getting all Hollywood on something. Wikipedia if you want teh questionable info. But an even more useful aspect of the function is that if you highlight a text string right on any page you're reading and right click on that string a menu pops up that offer a search on that text using whichever search engine is currently selected in the search box. For me, that's usually Google. And the results open in another tab. Saves much text entry or even cutting and pasting. Firefox - great browser. Despite the occasional disappearing flash content.

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