Friday, September 26, 2008

Just trouble everywhere so it seems. and yet we'll emerge from this as we always do. Older not necessarily wiser.
Personally, as much as I like the early autumn rain, I'm running one of those "throbbing at the neck" headaches that makes me want nothing but cool (got it) and quiet (don't even have the radio on). If you're thinking of calling me - don't. Send me an e-mail. The mail alert sound is much calmer than the ringing of the phone.
In other news: Shopped Costco yesterday. They have a dim sum dish (gyoza, shumai and one other little bao which name I know not). I tried it for dinner last night. Meh. Not actively bad but not really particularly good either. I stick to just making my own dumplings and have a better expereince. But the Costco milk is still the best buy in bovine lactation.

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