Saturday, September 20, 2008

Return Of The Weekend Music Embed
With, very possibly, a song and a band of which you haven't heard. The Josh Joplin Group with "Camera One." The song was used on an episode of "Scrubs" (which often uses unexpected and wonderful music - I just watched a re-run which used The Barenaked Ladies's "Pinch Me") but otherwise didn't seem to make much of a splash. More's the pity as the band's third disc "Useful Music" is not much short of superb. Intelligent lyrics, a well-produced and styled viddy, crunchy guitar riffing and though I'm usually not one for the tats, that chick guitarist/backup vocalist is way cute. I even like the "sideburns" tats. But that's a bit sidelight. The group broke-up in 2003. Here's the main event:

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