Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keeping Up
I owe you all who've looked in on me a debt of gratitude but I'm looking a government bailout on that so expect your thanks to come directly from the US Treasury. Kidding aside, we here in NoVa have the onset of delightfully cool weather which is just so to my taste that I'm soothed thereby. Rain is forecast but rain is not a bad thing. Autumn is officially on us (which may require the reposting of one of my favorite poems, Rilke's "Herbsttag") and I'm taking care of some business.
Life is not perfect but I'm most definitely on the enthusiastic side of the scale. Later today, planting hosta, shopping at Costco (which has some killer chicken wraps made from their rotisserie chicken) and advancing on all fronts for the benefit of family and mankind! Huzzah!

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