Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After
Just a couple of minor key thoughts after the great Obamagasm on the Mall. First, "Rev." Lowery can go to hell for insulting only whites in his idiotic little rhyme at the end of the benediction. I have no animus toward anyone who does not share my ethnic heritage but he obviously sees only whites as those who do not "do right." Screw you. You just showed me a black man who did very, very wrong.
Then again, what Lowery said rhymed. The inaugural "poem" was crap on a stick. Earlier I railed against Maya Angelou's craptastic poem for Clinton inauguration but I now have to give her credit: at least it was a poem. That nonsense we were subjected to yesterday was a laundry list read by someone who has absolutely no idea how poetry should be read out loud. William Carlos Williams was once accused of writing a "grocery list" but it was a grocery list arranged so that the "poetic rhythym (could) emerge." Here there was no rythym, no music, just the dull plodding of someone writing words down on paper.
This woman, this alleged poet, makes me think she has never read Shakespeare, even Poe in "The Bells" or "The Raven" shows that cadence matters as much as rhyme. Does anyone actually study poetry in this country any more?
In any event, I'll not take anything as augury. And in answer to the question of "Do you support the president?" No. Absolutely not. I support my country. I believe in freedom. The new regime wants my allegiance but that is reserved for America, not Barack. And I will use the lessons I've learned from the opponents of Presidents Bush: oppose everything on the basis of politics, only call the President "Mr." instead of "President," and never govern - only campaign, campaign, campaign.
Also, read Billy Beck - scroll through the January 20 posts on Two--Four - he gets it. The loss of real freedom we suffered under Bush is going to look like a walk in park compared to what the left will do in the next four years.


Enigmatic Misanthrope said...

Praise song for the day.

That was a poem????
I thought she was reading a bad television screenplay belched up by some ageing, 60's-throw back,free-basing hack.'re no Robert Frost..

Marvin Lee Aday said...

Now don't be sad
'cause two out of three ain't bad