Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's The Big "Aha!"
So I start by quoting the GEICO gecko. There worse things in life. Which avoids the question what is the big "Aha!" It's the revelation that my kitchen is actually a cunningly constructed Rubik's Cube. I concede that the colors have been scrambled now for a while (i.e. the kitchen got way too messy). But in order to get all the colors to face up (i.e. really organize the place) I have to further scramble the colors.
I'm working on two kitchen surfaces that have been accumulating stuff for at least three years with little rhyme or reason save that said surfaces were convenient places to put things. Now that I'm putting things to right, I have off-loaded a lot of stuff onto the previously clean surfaces making the kitchen look, for now, even more messy that it did last night. But tomorrow will see the snick-snick-snicking of those surfaces back to unichrome again. And possibly the relocation of cookbooks. Possibly.

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