Monday, January 19, 2009

Posting from my end will be non-existent this week as I am suffering from something carpal-tunnel-ish in my right hand. A couple of days ago my right elbow hurt like I'd whacked it against something. The elbow is now Ok but from the wrist to the fingers there is pain and numbness. I am currently unable to close my fingers into a fist. I believe this is an extreme expression of a nerve in my wrist that gets pinched. If I can pop it loose, I'll be fine.
Still, typing and even moreso using the mouse is not something I want to do for a while. Y'all enjoy the dawning of a new era, mmK?
UPDATE: Well. That didn't last as long as I'd expected. Looks as though the damn hand is loosening up already. It still hurts but I can see it being only a minor annoyance by tomorrow (The Day When All Ills Will Be Forgotten PBUO!) As long as it doesn't keep me awake tonight as it did last night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There I was just dropping in to say hi and introduce myself! Im a avid computer geek that came upon this forum and hope to become an active member soon! So if you happen to have and computer questions feel free to ask. Otherwise see you all on the boards.