Sunday, January 11, 2009

Going All Digital On The TV
I now have the converter box up an running (ring! ring! "Is your refrigerator running?"). In point of fact, I'm watching "24" via the box now. The local Fox affiliate provides a lousy analog signal in my (choose a body part) of the woods but its digisig is pure and clear. Another fun thing is that the remote for the converter has been trained to turn on the TV. Which means I can put the TV's remote away, or will be able to when the Most Holy And Anointed One (we'll call him "O" for short) deigns to allow the completion of the conversion.
Yet old habits are hard to break. I muted the sound on the box during an ad. When the show came back on, I pointed the remote at the TV and hit mute again. Nada. I now have to train myself to point the remote at the box when I'm doing anything other than turning the screen on and off. I think I'll manage.

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