Friday, January 09, 2009

One heads into some things with great expectations only to have them dashed as if a balsa raft against the reef of disappointment. To wit: Ginger ice cream. One of my resolutions this New Year is that I get one "serving" of ice cream per month. And one extra on my birthday. Serving is loosely defined as a purchased pint (even if said pint yields a couple of bowls) or any other smaller (e.g. a Frosty at Wendy's) purchase.
I learned through an accidental e-mail that a local creamery sells ginger ice cream made with freeze-dried ginger which is described (at the link) thusly:
By retaining all of the natural oils and aromatics through the freeze drying process, this ingredient provides the intense, bright flavor of fresh ginger. Freeze dried ginger hydrates rapidly in water or oil and is excellent for use in dry seasoning blends, beverages, baked goods, instant soups, sauces, ice cream, confectionery, chocolate and nutraceutical products.
My first inclination was to want to get my hands on the powder straight-up. Loving ginger as much as I do, I'd probably lay out lines and snort it ... naaahhh. But it's sold in bulk, the "small" size being 5 pounds. Likely a more-than-lifetime supply even for me. But since an ice cream shop in my old home town was featured as using the product, I thought that I might see if I could buy a smaller amount directly from them.
And, of course, score myself the monthly hit of the cold stuff.
Well, the powder wasn't readily available, though the owner said she'll call me with a price for, say four ounces or so. But the ice cream was there. So away with a pint I went to a fellow ginger nut's house. We divided the booty (that sounds vaguely obscene doesn't it?) and slipped a lip to it.
Meh. (insert sound of splintering balsa raft here)
It was good but it was no where near as ginger-fied as I'd want it. In short, I wouldn't go to the trouble to go there to buy it again. Yet I hold out high hopes (is that a reef I see in the distance?) for the freeze-dried stuff.

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