Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And Another Thing...
I was listening to Billy Joel's "River of Dreams" disc the other day and his song "Blonde Over Blue" sort of stuck in my craw. My craw oftens gets stuck with things. But I digress. Why do blue-eyed blondes get so much notice? Yes, I've seen beautiful blue-eyed blondes but I've seen some really spectacular brown-eyed blondes about whom you never hear somone rhapsodizing. Not only that, a woman from my college years (OK - year: she was a senior in my freshman year) was a blue-eyed brunette and she was quite possibly the single most breath-taking woman I have ever personally met. And yes, she was a cheerleader. What's surprising was that she was as nice as could be to this goofy freshman on whom she didn't need to spend a moment of attention. Go figure.

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