Wednesday, November 24, 2004

More TV Blather
Readers are well acquainted with my affection for the CSI shows but a re-run promo the other day rather struck me into the "whaaa!" mode again. In the episode a body is discovered in the cement foundation of a single family home. It turns out to be the ex-girlfriend of the man who lives in the house. As he's being arrested it comes to light that the real killer was the man's wife who couldn't stand losing him to the other woman all those years ago. He thought she left him so he ended up marrying the killer and living in the house wherein the killing happened which is why the body was in the foundation.
But. Really big but. I like big buts. No - wait. That's Sir Mix-A-Lot. Nevermind.

However (whew! -Ed.), the body was discovered by a service man of some sort (plumber maybe) who saw finger bones sticking out of the cement wall. Enh? The finger bones were stuck tight in unbroken cement. And they were able to make a cast of the body as was done with the ancient residents who died in the ashes of Vesuvius's eruption. I don't think so. If the fingers were outside of the cement then the flesh of the fingers would have left a gap in the external edge of the wall where all the stinky effluvia of a rotting body would have flowed out. The corpse would have been found long ago. Even if it weren't (e.g. no one lived there until the construction was complete and the stench had gone), the finger bones would not have been locked in place in the cement. They would have been hanging in finger-sized holes.

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