Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What I Don't Like About Firefox
I have made my affection for non-Internet Explorer browsers known (I'd link to my previous post but I am well into my pre-Thanksgiving lethargy) but I've come to the point where I have to fling some feces in the direction of Firefox. (You're a dog, not a monkey. -Ed.)
Point taken. Moving right along.... Firefox has a really wonderful skin but there are two things that drive me to distraction in actual use. Point the first: something I mentioned before is the lack of a clickable icon in the toolbar to create a new tabbed window. I can right click and select "new tab" but that's one more action than should be necessary. Point the second: searches are entered in a separate text box at the right side of the toolbar. In Mozilla, I just enter my seach string in the address bar, a menu drops down from the address bar which needs but a click to have the search Googled up instanter.
That said, Firefox still kicks IE's ass.
Now if I can just properly download those new Mozilla skins....

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