Monday, November 01, 2004

Sick With Laughter
I am an invertebrate fan of Achewood - absolutely spineless in fits of helpless laughter. At some point I'll add it to the sidebar but (how many times have I said this?) check out the link. If it's your very first read, it won't seem all that funny. But once you've read the "comic strip" for a while, you will find yourself a fan. Look under a rock, there, you've found him!
I want to go into explanations of the characters that inhabit Achewood but I can't possibly do them justice. Just read it. Read back issues because once you get the characters, you'll be prostrate with laughter at things that would be just downright weird on first view. Chris Onstad's use of language is a joy to behold. I have added the adjective "hella" to my vocabulary solely on the basis of its use in Achewood.

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