Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Heroes of Ia Drang
Power Line has a report on the reunion of the American heroes fought the "the first real battle of Vietnam." Really fought. Not like the Poodle.
It was my great honor to work with Joe Galloway who wrote "We Were Soldiers Once ... And Young" with General Hal Moore. In fact, it was my honor to have worked on the special issue of US News & World Report featuring that great book. To add to the honor I have had in connection with that work, I was able to meet Gen. Moore and he was a gentleman of the highest order. If you've seen the movie, Mel Gibson's portrayal of then Lt. Col. Moore is amazing and, to the best of my personal knowledge (limited though it is) quite true. We who did not go to Vietnam are so remarkably blessed to have had good, honorable, courageous men go and fight for freedom that we should wake every day with their praise in our hearts.
Just as we should wake every day and say a parayer for the good, honorable, courageous men who are today fighting for freedom in the Middle East. Some times the game is worth the candle.

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