Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ante Vote
That's "ante" as in "before." Since I last voted, I moved. As I was getting my driver's license address changed, the nice lady behind the counter (love that semi-punk moussed crop cut babe!) asked if I wanted to register to vote. Realizing that I could crush two avians with a single igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic nugget, I said, "Sure."
So it took until this morning for me to realize that I never got a new voter card. Where do I vote? A dilemma of knuckle-chewing dimensions. First step: the intraweb thing. My county has a list of polling places for my district online. Mapquest, mapquest, mapquest. I am nonplussed. None of these places seems evidently mine. Oh my! Here's a phone number! Ring, ring, ring, muzak, wait, "your call is important to us," muzak, "hello...."
Such a nice lady and I'm sure she's answering phones like a madwoman. It turns out no change was sent in so I still vote at my previous location. I'm going to try for about 9:30. By that time the commuters will have gone and the stay-at-home moms will be doing the post-breakfast routine. The lines should be down. "Should be" I say.

UPDATE: More essential brilliance from the ol' BlogDog. Walked into the elementary school polling place, walked up to the HO desk (watch it! it was the desk serving last names in the H to O range), showed me operator's permit and strolled over to the little desk thingy, picked up the pen, slashed at the page - Bush, Wolf, administrative matters, no money for bonds - slid the paper into the slot and strolled on my merry way. Tra La La! I voted.

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