Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Actually Heard This One in Manila
A Protestant moved into a very Catholic neighborhood back in the days when meatless Fridays really meant meatless. But the new arrival was an avid backyard griller and sure enough, every Friday evening, he would be out at the grill preparing thick, juicy steaks. Then the smell of those grilling steaks would waft thoughout the neighborhood and just drive the Catholics crazy.
After Mass one Sunday, the congregation discussed what they coul do about it. They couldn't force their non-co-religionist to stop grilling so the logical conclusion was to convert him.
After months and months or serious proselytizing, they actually succeed. The soon-to-former Prostestant is finally joining the Church of Rome! The priest sprinkles him with holy water while intoning, "You were born a Prostestant. You were raised a Protestant. Now you are a Catholic."

A great relief settles on the neighborhood until ... the next Friday night when the delicious smell of steaks once again wafts about from the grill. The Catholics are flummoxed so they rush over to the new guy's yard and see him with a vial of holy water, sprinkling the steaks and intoning, "You were born a calf. You were raised a cow. Now you're a fish!"

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