Saturday, April 16, 2005

Aww Damn!
Subtle mercy is sometimes shoved aside by rough life. TV previews have reminded me that one of the previews I saw is for the new version of "House of Wax." Try "House of Crap." Any movie that dares to include talentless mega-bim Paris "Up To The Hilt"on does not deserve to be made. My mistake - Paris does have a talent. A talent for sucking. But I digress.
Every got dam dumbass teenager slasher flick trope is greased and shoved up the ... projector of every moron moviehouse in America in this crapfest. Let me suggest to the "film makers" that the very idea of someone closing a glass door in the face of a threat is beyond laughably stupid. Then again, there's my blurb for the movie based on the in-theater preview: "House of Wax - Beyond laughably stupid." You may quote me.

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