Tuesday, April 19, 2005

CSI Miami Is Starting To Irk Me
First, they chose to kill off Tim Speedle instead of the Hispanic pretty-boy oxygen waster. Last night they managed to get DNA tech Valera (the delightful and delightfully named Botti Bliss) bounced for an infraction that ended up pointing out the episode's killer.
I'm not about to argue the morality of the infraction or the legal aspects of it. I'm just ticked off because one of my favorite minor characters (who, by the way, has gotten progressively hotter as the show went on - I think they've togged her out and amped the hairstyle to make the change) is out the door. C'mon! Give her the job back. Or give her a bigger role on another good show so I can indulge my taste for eye candy.
Selfish? You betcha!
Still in all, as long as Emily Procter remains on the show, I will be watching. Ice blonde gun goddess - be still my foolish heart!

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