Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Louis Rukeyser
Though he has stepped down from his weekly TV show for health reasons, I'm sure he was cheered by the fact that the PBS program Wall Street Week, that he hosted for over 25 years, was recently cancelled. This is not to say Lew is a vindictive sort. I'll just state my view of the facts: he was unceremoniously dumped by PBS at the height of his popularity so they got what was coming to them.

I'll never forget the Friday I read about his being phased out for a younger, hipper host by PBS. They were hoping to let Lew do a victory lap so they set a date two months into the future when the new host would begin. As soon as I read the story I had a feeling that the evening's Wall Street Week would be memorable. Let's just say Lew did not disappoint during his opening monologue. He immediately took PBS and their new sponsor Fortune Magazine to task in his own reserved and dignified style. When he was through everybody concerned knew this was his last show. No riding off into the sunset for Lew. He went out on his own terms and within 6 months had a new show on CNBC that crushed the old show in the ratings every week. So when I read about his old show's cancellation I couldn't help but gloat, even if Lew wouldn't.

Footnote: After he was fired not one of his guests ever appeared on Wall Street Week again. It was a point of honor with them, and I would imagine the realization it is hard to keep a good man down. Get well soon, Lew.

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