Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh Bugger!
Festus has decamped from the gentle confines of Northern Virginia for the more southerly soil that he calls his own and I am missing his good cheer and natural engineering ability already. Since he came up for a "visit," I have a new master bathroom commode (a "chair height" throne, dubbed "the best seat in the house" by me), a freshly painted door in my garage, shelves hung in the closet in my office. There were other things done as well but not worth burdening you, the reading public, with. The short version is that we had a great visit and accomplished many good things.
So why the title of this post? One of the things we'd hoped to do was install some blinds I'd ordered. Naturally they arrived today. And the cherry trees in front haven't busted loose yet either. Ah well, there goes Gloria Mundi.
Still in all, the capper was the visit from the roofer today. My west-facing roof has suffered from the high winds we've had. In fact, several shingles have blown off entirely. I learned also that there had already been a couple of patches made to that face of the roof. I talked with roofer. I came to the conclusion that it was time ro re-roof. Bugger. I did not want to drop that much cash a year after moving into my new place but sometimes it is necessary. So sometime in the next six weeks, I'll have the fun of living through all the dislocations of a total roofing job.
In other news, we saw "Sin City." Dayum. A work of cinematic art. I'll rent the DVD when it comes out just so I can see all the "making of" features. I especially liked it when Elijah Wood was dismembered. But that's just me.
On the other hand, I have just seen the biggest load of craptacular previews ever. "XXX, State of the Union," the new "Amityville" movie where the horror is the crapiness of the film itself. In an act of subtle mercy, I have forgotten the rest. Tom Criuse in "War of the Worlds" looks like a winner though. Go figure.

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