Monday, April 11, 2005

What a Weekend!
This weekend must have been one of the most fabulous we've had in the greater DC area in ... I don't even want to say how long. The weather was luscious: blue, cloudless skies with brilliant sunshine and fresh breezes. I am not particularly bothered by pollen so I'm not one to say that pollen was absent but I don't see the evidence of much pollen yet (that hideous greenish-yellowish overlay of pollen dust that coats everything when the trees are all hot for each other). And Atlantic Cycling had its first ride of the season. The link takes you to the main page but be sure to click on the Leesburg 4-10 link on the left side navigation column for all the details.
I ran the first rest stop and it was wonderful. Two years ago I did the same stop on a windy, cold ride and it was not hideous but not altogether pleasant. Yesterday I saw a lot of people togged out in bike gear (bike jerseys should not be worn anywhere other than on a ride but they are colorful, diverse and exceedingly cool in context). I saw a boatload of extremely cool bikes that one doesn't usually get to see outside of "Bicycling" magazine or a bike shop. One woman had a very new Kestrel triathalon bike that was a work of art - gorgeous. She said she's going to be running the Boston Marathon this month so PoW wants to wish her the best for that endeavor.
My cherry trees, which I mentioned earlier, are still not all tricked out. In fact, they're only just nnow showing red at the bursting of the bus covers. There are Bradford Pear trees in the neighborhood that are great boiling clouds of white and some other type of cherry trees that are paler than mine which are in full bloom. But I think it'll be another day before my front yard is a mass of cotton candy. Again, I'll photoblog it when it's right.
Oh, and by the way, today shows every indication of being exactly like yesterday. Life can be good.

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