Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The season is underway.
I watched this weekend's highlight show (which runs a week behind the actual results) and saw something that left me dumbfounded. St. Kilda's Stephen Milne takes a mark (catched a ball on the fly) against the Kangaroos in a round three game. When a player takes a mark, he is allowed to back away from the goal unhindered and then run up to a kick that's almost free. Any mark taken inside about 40 meters from goal will usually result in a kicked goal (six points) or at the least a behind (one point). Milne took his mark at about 20 meters. This, even for a weak leg is about as automatic a goal as can be expected.

But Milne, in one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen, tries to play on by running to his right. If a marking player elects to play on, he is immediately subject to being tackled and Milne was about an arm's length from two Roos when he tried his move. Needless to say, he was taken down straightway and ball went over to the Roos. Dumbass!
In a manner of speaking, it was immaterial because the Kangaroos won by more than a goal but it was by one point more than a goal. If Milne had just taken his kick, it's possible the Saints might have fought up at least a behind and tied the game up.

I realize that my entire post means probably nothing to you but if you know footy, it was a really quite extraordinary play.

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