Wednesday, November 09, 2005

File: Life's Little Annoyances
I just bought sox. Six pair of Champion brand, crew-type, Coolmax-infused sox. For $12. At Costco. I now get to throw out at least four pair of sox that have been in, to use a radio industry term, heavy rotation. Four pair that I should have canned about a month ago.
Why is this so annoying? I want a world where there are magic sox that once you start using never wear out and you don't ever have to go into a store and stand in the aisle looking at an array of choices wondering, this is pretty much the kind I like but will these fit right? It's not a fit subject for human brooding! A mind is a terrible thing to waste on contemplating sox. This sparking, wet wad of protein, lipids, blood and all the sundry chemicals that make us capable of picking up a morning newspaper, let alone reading and comprehending it, should be writing songs, designing ever more crafty iPods, re-engineering nuclear containment devices to make nuclear fusion power available to all. Not contemplating which sox to buy!

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