Monday, November 14, 2005

Music And More Music
I realize that I'm behind the times in getting my monthly CD buys up so I'm throwing up a post about the discs and a bit more (throwing up -that sounds about right -Ed.). Shut up, Ed.
All Jethro Tull this time around: "Aqualung" and "Songs From The Wood." Blasts from the past to be sure but two very different and excellent albums from my musical nascence with "Aqualung" being one of the seminal ablums of the 1970s. I already have "Thick As A Brick" which I consider a masterpiece. I imagine that I'll get more Tull later but for now, this will do.

The "more" part of the music is that I'm going to get aguitar and learn to play. I tried my hand at it as yute but wasn't willing to put the time and effort into it. I am now. I understand the needs of practicepracticepractice much better than I did all those years ago even though I know of no old dog who teaches himself new tricks. I'm thinking of this though what will happen is that I go to the store with a gitbox-playing friend who'll find the right one for me. I'll post a pic when I get it. Wish me luck and dilligence.
UPDATE: Saturday. I'll be going to a store in Annapolis, MD to get the guitar, amp and a small pile of other things appurtenant thereto.

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