Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Item The First: Fargin' political campaigns. The GCoV is having its elections a week from today and the airwaves are just laden with the sludge of the candidates. I've had my choices selected for at least the last month and I am still subjected not only to the broadcast ads which are now entirely negative (and just stupidly negative at this point) but also to the "survey" calls and the "get out the vote" calls. Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP! At this point the more I hear, and especially the more my phone rings, the more annoyed I will get. Please Jeebus make this week pass quickly.
Item The Second: Life in a townhouse. It's not living in a townhouse that's the problem. Today's rant is all about one particular thing - door-to-door advertising. I can stop my mail delivery. I can stop my newspaper delivery. But if I got away for awhile, these ...(I don't want to swear, I don't want to swear)... will keep putting things on my door until they are physically removed. Great sign for a burgular, don't you think? I'd really like to see someone sue the advertisers when he or she returns from a vacation and all the valuables are gone.

OK. Rant over. Not much of a rant. I don't want to really rave out because I don't like to use the words I want to use in public.
Which reminds me of an old story. An American Indian is telling some of his European-extracted bretheren about how his language simply doesn't contain cuss words. When asked, "What do you do if you, say, hit your thumb with a hammer?" he replied, "Speak English."

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