Monday, November 07, 2005

Recovering, Thank You
Thanks to those who commented on my previous post. I am getting better. It just takes a little longer being more greatly ag├ęd than I was when last afflicted. I have the very strong suspicion that the culprit was Bob Evans Sage Suasage purchased at my local Safeway. It was not the first serving out of the tube and i'm pretty confident that I handled it properly so there must have been something ugly lurking deep in the tube of ground, spiced hogflesh.
I ate only a couple of Pillsbury biscuits, from the freezer, two eggs and the sausages. So it could have been the eggs. It definitely wasn't the biscuits as I had two of them today (all I could face - they are feather-light and easier to make than anything else I had in the house).
I will contact the Bob Evans company with the relevant details though I doubt it's a major problem - most likely an abberation. And my suffering, while intense for a day, was not life-threatening. I tend to carry fluid too much as it is so I was in no danger of dehydration. And I had little of what I consider to be one of the worst aspects of food poisoning - the dry heaves. I actually have very strong abdominal muscles and when they knot down over an empty stomach it is most remarkably painful.
I will spare you any further grue. But since the XMBD mentioned "Cape May," let me just say that the single most intense episode of this affliction hit me after a seafood dinner at what I considered a very good restaurant on Cape May. There was a period I would have welcomed death that night.
On the bright side: I have lost weight. And my love of sage sausage has been considerably curtailed.

In my life I have had food poisoning five times. Has it ever happened to you? Leave a comment. Share.

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