Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sometimes, You Just Gotta Buy
Or: My Latest Trip To Costco. I bought a blender. I already have a blender. Why did I buy another one? Simple: convenience. I have a nice, glass-containered Oster blender that whips the bejabbers out of anything I care to put in it. But it is a pain in the sink to clean. Unscrew, peel the gasket off the blade disk, (Yul Brynner)et cetera, et cetera, et cetera(/Yul Brynner). The new blender turns the container upside down so that the blade disk, when done whapping, is the removable top of a handled glass. I like the Myoplex protein shakes but will eschew the non-chewing to save the clean up. This new device should make it much easier to turn my morning routine into a shake and coffee.
And it was $30. Thirty bucks. I'll make that up in convenience in six months.

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