Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh Fer Life In Glory!
Did I ever jump the gun on my Christmas music post! Well, no. I didn't. I am one of the vast majority who wishes to hear not a note of Noel before December 1. I only wished to get the jump on the planning for the acquisition of the new Christmas CD for the collection. Here's what I have: John Fahey's Guitar Soli Christmas Album, John Fahey's Christmas Album, Christmas in the Aire (Mannheim Steamroller) and Christmas Eve and Other Stories (Trans-Siberian Orchestra). 65 songs, 3.9 hours of seasonal music. I think another disc is well in order but I do want a good one. That's why I opened up the question for suggestions as early as I did. But no takers so far. (knock, knock) Hello! Is this thing on?

On the other hand, I have with a few exceptions (which I haven't twigged to yet) completed my shopping for That Day with a massive order from Amazon today. I have two dear friends with birthdays in the month and they will not go un-noticed (one having been given her present some time ago so it could be used on a vacation) despite the nature of the Nativity to swamp other events.

I do love Christmas, especially when it causes me little tsuris. Now, I must get the card list in order. The cards I have. Remember: limited selection but at least 50% off all cards left over after the 25th. Word to the wise. Or the cheap. Whichever.

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