Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just Damn! Another Music Post
With a giant hat tip to Brian Tiemann at Peeve Farm, I post a link to Pandora.com. Wow. This is roll-your-own streaming radio. Select a group or artist whose work you like and they will create a stream of "Artist Radio" for you. I tried both Quarterflash and Beth Orton and was most pleasantly surprised by the music that followed the initial song, which is a song chosen from the artist's repetoire to represent that artist's style.
You need to register to listen for more than few songs (The Beth Orton Radio played a song by a group unknown to me whose name I didn't record and then an Aimee Mann song while the Quarterflash Radio played a song by the Divinyls before it asked me to register). I've seen worse hoops to jump through online. Go. At least try it. Oh, and it didn't recognize "Emm Gryner" so it doesn't know everything. Still, Beth Orton is not the most recognized name in music so you might as well press your luck with obscure artists you like.
Pandora is an outgrowth of the Music Genome Project. Fascinating. I absolutely love the idea of getting a stream of new music based on known quantities. Better than listening to a streaming station of a simply a genre you prefer, I'd say. Another step in the evolution of digital music.
Party on, Wayne! Party on, Mac! Party on, Wintel!

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