Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New Irish Name
Lack O'Posting. Sorry for diminished output but I've been spending a lot of kitchen time lately and there's road work (driving) to do. Still need one more splat of orange blossom honey for my final round of cranberry sauce. All the cran-maple chutney I'm going to make has been made. All four batches of rum ice cream have been whapped up (yet there are only three in the freezer - what's going on here?) Then the stuffing/dressing cooking starts and pies are to be picked up, paid for and dropped off. It's going to be a busy two days.
I wish you, who happen by here or who stop by with full intention, a very happy, fulfilling (and filling full) Thanksgiving. Remember to take joy where joy is to be taken.
UPDATE: Turns out that Safeway does not carry orange blossom honey (more than that: I had to explain what orange blossom honey is since the manager thought it might be a brand name). It turns out they carry honey from Virginia which limits it to clover and "wildflower." Now, I've had some startling local honey when my family ran three hives in my yute (locust, the tree not the insect, makes some insanely dark, dusky honey which is not to everyone's taste). But I wanted, nay, needed the citrus flavor. And I decided in the end to just finish off the sweet with sugar. Sigh. The tradeoffs we make. The lesson is that next year I go into November with a serious amount of the right stuff. I use a lot of cranberry for the holiday. This year: three 3 lb. bags and one 12 oz. bag. A three pound bag makes a quadruple batch since recipes are expressed in the usual grocery store 12 oz. unit.

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