Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Whole New World Part The Second
I heard on the radio last evening that Maya Angelou is going to write a new poem for her maximum leader. Lord save us. Maya Angelou is very possibly the worst famous poet this country has ever produced. Pretentious, banal and small minded. I'll dig up the "poem" she wrote for Clinton and demonstrate later this afternoon.
After I go shopping and make cranberry sauce.
UPDATE: Make my into ripping tomorrow. Never got away from the house today and it's too late to adjust my expectations. Got to write another letter to the editor first.

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Anonymous said...

I came here via your comment on my post at Cold Fury.

My uneducated opinion about modern poetry - post WWII, and likely post WWI - is that the poet thinks him/her self more iportant than the subject of the poem. I think this is why Kipling, and Tennyson, and Longfellow, and Wordsworth are so much more memorable, and the later ones are not.

-Mikey NTH