Monday, November 03, 2008

Only One Day Late
I was turning over the idea of the latest "weekend" music embed and thought I might take a cue from my recovery - something smooth and creamy, something delicious. I was considering Johnny Mathis for a while ("Chances Are" - a wonderful song from a modern master of style) when my iPod served up something to which I hadn't listened in a while and (luckily!) which was also available to embed. I present Polish songbird Basia (Basia Trzetrzelewska) with "Yearning" from her disc "The Sweetest Illusion" (Amazon link). The last name is, I swear, pronounced "chev-chev-levska. Well, that's how I remember that it's said.
I won't pretend that the viddy part of the embed is something earth-shaking but listen to that voice. She's a jazz singer with a strong samba influence and she's a knockout talent. Her live disc "Basia on Broadway" is simply amazing if you have any affection for jazz at all - high energy, lush music beautifully produced to an appreciative audience. That she works with guitarist extraordinaire Peter White is no surprise. I can't recommend her work highly enough and it goes to show how astonishingly beautiful Polish women are as well. I hope you enjoy the vid:

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