Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Sip Of Sweet Wine Amid The Bile
I've been hesitant to post for a while as I seem to have moved from "a bile chaser" to making it the main beverage. So I decided to lay off the whizzing on Indiana Jones and Maya Angelou for another day or so. Instead I figured I'd pick a weekend music embed that is sweetness and light. So I found Carrie Underwood singing the closing theme from the delightful Disney movie "Enchanted." If you haven't seen it and are willing to let Disney do all the regular Disney nonsense for a while (spontaneous song anyone?), please do see it. It prominently features the simultaneously gorgeous and endearing Amy Adams. Patrick Dempsey performs admirably as the male lead. Didn't think I'd ever type that line let me tell you what!
Bu I digress. The viddy has an unfortunate introduction from the brilliantly talented Ms. Underwood so please ignore that. Instead listen to the spectacular pure tone and sustained power of the first singing of the word "after" (20 seconds in). I'm no fan of the whole "American Idol" gig but I was in full agreement when this little lady won. What a set of pipes! She can hit and hold a note unlike the singers of melismatic sludge usually celebrated on that show. I'll claim that this is a shout out to the upcoming CMA awards show as well.
The actualy video is a bit on the cutesy side but pleasant enough. The "true love's kiss" line refers to one of the central themes of the movie wherein the princess was searching for "the most powerful thing in the world" being said kiss. Sounds cloying but Amy Adams carries it off nicely. That being said, I hope you like it:

PS My opinion is that the only other modern American female singer who could knock this one out of the park is another "country" (I'd say crossover) artist: Sara Evans.

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