Saturday, November 01, 2008

After all my bitching and moaning, I'm reasonably well today. I had an actual night's sleep for a change and I don't feel like anything on my stomach is destined for a round trip anymore. I'm jonesing for something smooth and creamy like mac & cheese. But I probably won't have any. But I just may get some rice and make a nice potful with chicken stock.
Which calls to mind a cooking question that perches in my mind like a disgruntled parakeet. Two of the most readily available fast foods are hamburgers and fried chicken. And two things that I really, really hate to cook in the kitchen are hamburgers and fried chicken because they both kick off ungodly amounts of aerosolized grease. So, given that one can get really good (maybe not excellent) hamburgers and fried chicken, why should I
ever bother with cooking those in my own kitchen?


Gradual Dazzle said...

*I* certainly never make either at home, for precisely all your reasons. There are excellent ones to be had in abundance elsewhere, and they're messy. Let the restaurants specialize in dealing with the grease.

It's a little like Peking Duck... nobody has the expertise or patience or, frankly, desire to do their own.


BlogDog said...

Actually, the best Kao Yazi (literally "roast duck" which is the Chinese name for it) I've ever had was made at home. It was cooked, hung to drip out before being cooked again (resulting in the crispy, fat less skin). But your point is well taken.

And as for Peking Duck - I know a place.... When next you visit DC I tihnk we'll have to go.