Friday, January 08, 2010

Billy Beck Cuts Down To The Bone
And exposes the cancer at what should be the support for society:
(T)his is not a metaphysical crisis. In deepest fact, that can't even happen. (Reality has no "crisis" with human -- or any other -- affairs. It just is.) This is an epistemic crisis, with terminal ethical and political implications redounding to metaphysical consequences: reality will manifest the effects of objectively defective value-selections and ways of acting for them. Sooner or later and one way or another, the attempt of everyone to live at the expense of everyone else will fail, simply because this is not what human beings are. The failure might run over decades and generations, as in a case like the Soviet Union, where untold millions had countless values (unto their very lives, commonly) destroyed to the cheers of defective mentalities who always called it a success. It was always a constant failure, and that was reality having its way.
The added emphasis is mine. As ever with Beck, RTWT. There is great evil afoot in the body politic and only those with the clarity of vision to see it and lay it out will serve to open eyes that are blinkered by failing education, journalism and a multiplicity of social structures that traduce instead of inform. Billy Beck's vision came clear at some point and has remained unclouded ever since. And his voice works as well. Praise be.

UPDATE: After posting this, I read the following quote from the nation's greatest public intellectual Dr. Thomas Sowell: "We're becoming a nation of people who are propagandized from elementary school right on through to the graduate school in a certain vision of the world. And only the ones who, for one reason or another, either experience or insight or whatever, leads them to say 'Wait a minute!' Only those are the ones we have to depend on."
Billy Beck is standing on a rampart saying just that to anyone with the gumption to attend. That they don't listen will be on their heads, not his.

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