Sunday, January 03, 2010

Oh My Effin Gee
Pulled out the terminally hiPhone (that's "hip" buried in there, you see) this morning to look at the weather app. Ow! At noon, that's noon mind you, the temp was 23ยบ and with wind chill (it's been more fierce than Beyonce and Christian Siriano put together), the "feels like" temp is one degree. One freakin' degree! Do I have to leave the bed today? I hope not. Wait, I'm at the computer. Too late.

In other news, or other non-news really, tomorrow will mark the first delivery of the revamped Washington Times to my frigid driveway. I believe I've said before that this saddens me. The newspaper is "re-inventing" itself as something akin to a paper which only has the "A section." No sports. Though the sudoku and crossword were brought back, the comics page has been gone for a while now. I doubt those returned features will be in the new version though. Basically, I will no longer be getting what I consider a newspaper. I will let my subscription lapse. And I will most certainly not be replacing it with the Washington Compost. -sigh- Sic transit gloria data.

UPDATE: Well, only the first step has been taken toward honey wheat berry bread - the wheat berries are boiled up to a pleasant mooshiness. Instead I made the first step toward my idea of "mocha" jello. Which would be a pan of chocolate jello. I'll need to make a pan of coffee jello and then cut each type into cubes which will be jumbled into a matrix of "milk" jello. I don't know if it'll be good and it may be not worth the effort but it's something I have to try. The idea springs from a blog post about "stained glass" jello.

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