Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby
A report from the Southern Front in the War On Global Warming, Lycurgus sends us this photo of a peculiar way to keep your beer chillin: Wait for the birdbath to freeze and then set your beer on it.

You will note that this picture is almost nearly live from Central Florida and that the ice is thick enough to support the frosty can. Not just a thin skinning of ice but about a quarter inch of it. Woooeee. You could drink cold orange juice right out of the fruit.
In other Central Florida news, our intrepid correspondent has set up a critter cam in the lovely isle of Boca Grande and captured a bobcat out for a stroll.

There was also some local kittycat action, a fox and the butt of what would appear to be a rackety coon who was mozying along mostly out of camera range. Critter cams are fun where there are critters to cam. Elly May would approve.

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