Monday, January 25, 2010

Another test case from Amazon: microwave pork rinds. Surprisingly good. A nice way to make a fresh snack which isn't that revolting microwave popcorn. I don't suggest you rush out to try it but sometime, when you're inclined, give it a try. Warm and flavory.
In Other News: A friend recently gave me a small supply of mixed nuts in shell. I can crack walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts in hand as long as I have two nuts to work with so my inability to find my nutcracker wasn't a problem. Until I got to the hazelnuts. Too small to use 'against' each other in hand. I was nonplussed until I looked at my garlic press. Hmmm. Worked like a charm. A short, sharp thwap and the shell was cracked sufficiently to open with a nut pick. Just goes to show - there's more than one way to flay a feline.

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