Friday, January 29, 2010

Hackintosh Update
Baby steppin' here boss. The colored purple Dell Mini 10v is here, as is the 8 GB flash drive. My research has shown me that stuffing the max memory into the thing will make the machine a vastly more useful one than trying to run it on the installed memory so I've ordered the upgrade from my favorite RAM source I've already slapped a white Apple sticker over the Dell logo on the top and, deliciously, the old logo is still visible through the sticker. Heh heh heh. Me likee.
Once the memory comes, I'm pretty much going to have to gut the little beast to install it but disemboweling computers is fun. I've tried a little typing on the netbook and I'll give Dell credit for making a nice keyboard at that size. Not brilliant, mind you. But definitely good. I figure one full day to install the memory - no use trying to overdo and get all gumption trapped on the project. Tear it down, clip in the new memory module, stick it all back together, be sure it's running properly is enough for one day. Then the next day do the install. I figure that should take the better part of an afternoon, working "apace."
On the critical side, the trackpad on the Mini 10v kinda sucks. It may be partly because I'm not accustomed to it but I tried to play a game of Freecell and I was fighting the trackpad more than just using it. I'm hoping the drivers for the Hackintosh will make it run more to my liking. AFN.

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