Friday, January 22, 2010

It's muzzable weather here in the NoVa - rain and sleet, grey skies, cold with that penetrating edge that wet brings to winter weather. Survivable of course, but iconic in the sense that Lycurgus has identified "Virginia weather." Ah well, time to take as hot a shower as I can stand, break out a new blade and scrape face to the point of pseudofolliculitis barbae, cook up some oatmeal and coffee and scramble a couple of eggs in a knob of butter and catch up on reading. I believe I finally managed to corral the ingredients for the honey-wheat berry bread I didn't make before. Filling the house with the smell of baking bread would be a very good thing.
Which brings to mind my latest small experiment - bacon popcorn. My first batch was good but not what I wanted. I started with rice bran oil in the popper and added some bacon grease to the mix. What I found was that the fresh popcorn has so much flavor that the bacon became a trailing flavor, a hint o' bacon in the aftertaste. Despite its low smoking point, I'm going to have to try using pure bacon grease to pop a batch. Keep in mind though, that "Whirley-Pop" maker takes between one and two tablespoons to pop a batch. That's not much for a big fluffy bowl of corny goodness. And besides, it's bacon.
In other news, I just ordered a Dell Mini 10v refurb and an 8GB flash drive to geek it up and make myself a "Hackintosh." It's a project I've been wanting to undertake out of pure cussedness and seeing a coupon for 15% off a Dell refurb made me pull the trigger. I'll report on it as it happens.
Have a great day, those of you who don't have to deal with the greys and perhaps I can scare something really worth posting about over the weekend.

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