Saturday, January 09, 2010

I have the distinct pleasure of relating that I got out of town on Wednesday for a day trip to Wilmington and most of a day with the Wilmington Boyz. The Boyz now include one girl as pupdawg Oliver (the world's quietest and chillin'est dog) has a fellow rescue in Lisa, little under-bitey sweetheart she is too.
The hangin out with was well worth the trip but it was topped off with a dinner of UnkaMika's Extry Special gumbo. Oh man. Sausage and shrimp gumbo that was glorious. I got a container to take home with me and I'm both delighted and sad to report that (you can see this coming, can't you?) it's all gone. It's been nomed-n-ated.
I'm no gumbo expert, as much as I'd LIKE to be! But I have learned one thing about it. If gumbo doesn't have some crawfish or shrimp in it, it's not what it could be. There's something in those critters, apart from their being just tasty, that adds a lush, gorgeous mouth-feel to the stew. Yuh-um!
I also got a take away bag of beignet mix. Looking forward to making those NOLA donuts baby!

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Phillymon (not that Philly) said...

Ah-lee-vah, as pronounced by Mrs. Douglas. Nice name for the doggy.

And yep, if the gumbo has no bugs, it's base camp gumbo - never gonna reach the summit.