Friday, January 07, 2005

A Footnote to the Browser Wars
I've made no secret of my love for Mozilla and Firefox, Opera and (to a lesser extent) Safari as compared to the execrable Internet Explorer (no link just beacuse). So it behooves me to report that I have a quibble with my preferred browsers. Yesterday I created an account with the USPS to try their "click-n-ship" service which gives you a printable, postage-paid shipping label served up by a Java applet. However neither Mozilla, nor Firefox, nor IE (I do have a version despite my enmity) was able to handle the applet properly. Safari, on the other hand, performed flawlessly. I expect I'll be using "click-n-ship" fairly often and I will be firing up Safari to use it.
Apple also deserves high praise for its browser's aesthetics. Safari is ... well ... pretty.

I must also make mention of one drawback to "click-n-ship." It won't print regular, first-class postage. I spent about 60¢ more on priority postage to send my package. Still, given the fact that I didn't have to spend a moment in the P.O., a bargain.

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