Thursday, January 06, 2005

If Anyone Cares
With my latest acquisitions of the wonderful Ms. Krauss and her nigh-onto perfect band Union Station, my iTunes Library is up to 2911 songs, 8.2 days of continuous music which occupies 16.02 gigabytes of hard drive space.
And I can carry it all around with me in my iPod. Technology in the service of a better life.

I didn't believe Steve Jobs coming back to Apple, back when, was the best course for the company. I stand happily corrected. The master of the Reality Distortion Field may not be perfect but he's better than the lot that he succeeded. Besides which, the real Reality Distortion Field in the modern world is that the Wintel platform is superior to the Mac. It's quite good and it's better in the last couple of years than it's ever been, mostly by copying innovations made on the Mac, but it is not superior. I will accept that certain features are better on Wintel boxes but as for the entire experience of use, it's still Mac hands down.
Which is why I'm waiting for the deliver of this: 20-inch screen, SuperDrive, Airport Extreme card, Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and one gigabyte of RAM (ordered from a third party as the one thing that Apple really tears you a new one for is additional RAM). After I load all the pertinent poop from my current desktop machine, I will totally rearrange my physical desktop and I will have a quiet office again. My PowerBook is most gorgeously silent but my desktop whirrs with fans and the new iMac is whisper soft. Not to mention the losing of a halogen desk lamp which has a faint but detectable buzz to it. If everything else is shut down in the room, I can hear the halogen lamp. I hate that. I'm getting one of these instead.

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