Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Movie Dog Bites Down Hard On an Oscar
I listened to a little bit of the Oscar nomination announcements today. Do I know how to waste time or what?
Two thoughts stay with me. I'll be a snarky bastard first and then be nice. For a change.
Snark: Hillary Swank - Imagine how good that movie could have been if they'd cast a woman for the role! I know, I know. She cleans up OK but spare me from having to look at that spade-toothed, shovel-chinned beast. I've heard the big spoiler for "Million Dollar Baby" so I'll probably go see it. I like a happy ending.
Nice: Kate Winslet - This woman deserves the Oscar. Why? Because I can't stand her. I couldn't abide her potato-headedness in "Titanic" and will never understand what the big deal was. (cue the "But Monkey") But, her performance in "Eternal Sunshine..." was superb. I can't say what it was precisely but she conveyed the essence of the character so well that I perfectly understood why the Jim Carrey character would go through the hellishness he did first to get her out of his system and then to keep her in. Carrey's, by the way, was also a great performance. So, let's just say it's counterintuitive but she deserves to win because she made me, she forced me, to stop hating her and made me believe. Damn you potato head!

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