Monday, January 03, 2005

listens For The New Year
Starting strong with two CDs from the ethereal Alison Krauss and the awesome Union Station. It's interesting to see how Ms. Krauss's look has changed. Her picture on the "Now That I've found You" disc is sorta kinda frumpy. But she is now sporting a mane of honey gold hair and wears a gown on the cover of her latest. She was cute before but now she looks gorgeous and elegant. But it is her voice that makes her heartbreaking.
It happens sometimes.
Like Gillian Welch, I think I've made the point about her before, who is never going to be a pin-up but she could sing me into heaven any time.

Upcoming artists who look to appear in the "longings" section are Claire Lynch and Heather Sullivan. Heather Sullivan ... hmmm. So blonde. And those eyes!

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