Tuesday, January 11, 2005

In the Continuing Series of Things I Love
Oh great, you say. Nothing like having the obese go on and on about how wonderful food is, eh? But in the great tradition of Peter Lorre, I can't help myself! I think Marvelous Market (sometimes called Mercado Marveloso) is just the best place to go for breads and sammiches ever. It ain't cheap (you can get a whole fast food meal for the price of a single sandwich at MM) but it is worth it. It's like buying a six-pack of excellent beer instead of a case of swill.
Though I've known people who will opt for the case of swill. Hello! Deane, I'm talking about you!
There is nothing I'd rather have for lunch than a good sandwich. Nothing. Not good Chinese food, not even sushi. So it was a great revelation to discover the delights that lie in the cooler case at the Marvelous Market. Here is a link to their sandwich pages and that listing is incomplete. They have a (so-called) 'Mediterranean Wrap' that is killer good and a 'Havana' sandwich (called a Cuban sandwich elsewhere) that brings you back from the dead after the killer good Med Wrap. I just can't more highly recommend either one.
Now, having said all that, the great secret that MM reveals, I think, is that to make a truly great sandwich, start with truly great bread. And their bread is (insert superlative here). They make a sourdough sandwich loaf with Kalamata olives that is the bread on the finest example of the tuna sandwich it has ever been my pleasure to slip a lip to. But every loaf I've ever bought (and again, you pay premium prices for premium bread) has been wonderful.
If you are anywhere near one of these places (locations available on the web site), go and grab lunch. Because your lunch will grab you right back. And you'll love it.

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