Saturday, January 22, 2005

Women Who Set My Teeth On Edge #2
Jorja Fox. I'll not give the girl too much grief about her acting ability - it's not bad. In fact, I have some grudging admiration for her ability. But for the love of all that's holy, why is she considered to be such a beauty? I can't give you a link on that idea but I recall her appearing on one of the late night talkers who called her, "the lovely Jorja Fox." Nope. Sorry. Not even close. If she would ... just ... keep ... her ... mouth ... CLOSED, I would not be posting this. But the spadelike incisors and the repelling gap between them! aggh! Turner Outdoor Advertising could rent space on those choppers for billboards. It would also help if she ever played a character who wasn't a pain in the ass. But that's showbiz.
Jennifer Garner. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone in creation is ga-ga over BFD Jennifer Garner. Well, she sucks. She isn't nearly as attractive as about half a hundred actresses in Hollywood (Isabella Rossellini, dead in a car crash at age 100 will be more attractive than Jennifer Garner today), and where the idea that she can act comes from, I just don't know. She sucked in "Daredevil," she sucks in "Alias," and from the reviews I've read, she sucks in "Elektra" too. She is in good physical condition but that does not an action star make (otherwise "Gymkata" would have made Kurt Thomas a major Hollywood player).
"Alias" deserves a special place in the anals of suckage which I will expound on at greater length at sometime in the future (unless they send trained assassins after me! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! what a load). And I want to delve into that very special shallowness that is Jennifer Garner but I need to gather some more evidence. So a special PoW salute for monumental crappiness goes out to Ms. Garner. With extended analysis of crappiness to come in the near future!

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