Thursday, January 13, 2005

Heaven, I'm in Heaven
Bit of an over reaction to a new computer, don't you think? (Damn skippy! -Ed.) But I am posting this on my new iMac. It is everything I imagined and then some. The wireless keyboard is crisp and tactile with the plus of having a numeric keypad which I lacked on my PowerBook. The Bluetooth connection is rock solid though it calls for a range test. I have become accustomed to a scroll-wheel mouse so the Apple no-button mouse (for those who haven't used Apple products, the Apple mouse button is the entire shell of the mouse itself) is a bit of a step back but I'll get used to it again.
Now let me tell you about the noise. There is no noise! This is aural bliss. The display is gorgeous. I set up a word processing document with the pages displayed side by side and it was perfectly clear. This computing experience is starting to give me wood.
I've installed a full gig of memory (anyone need a 256 MB DIMM?) which process involved loosening three screws and lifting the back cover off. I suppose it could be simpler since Apple has made desktops that simply pull open but the installation took all of two minutes. Stupid confession: the main circuitboard is blue. Not green. Blue. Such a little thing but so cool looking.
OK. I'm risking drowning in my own drool. I'm out.

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